1.      Scheduling is the exclusive right of the Executive (Officers) of the Green Briar Community Association (GBCA).  Special requests shall be dealt with as received. Amongst those special requests, is the right to have repeat bookings for those groups who desire to meet on a regularly schedule time and day or days. Specific concerns should be addressed to the Phase Condominium GBCA representative.

2.      The GBCA hours of operation are 8:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. A request for extended hours of operation for special functions will be individually considered by the President.

3.      Sale of alcohol is forbidden.

4.      No pets. (Exception to this is an individual requiring a service dog)

5.      No smoking permitted in the building.  Smoking is permitted outside the building beyond 9 meters of all exit doors.

6.      No open flames (candles, burners or otherwise).

7.      No loaning or rental of Community Centre equipment off premise.

8.      Securing the building is the responsibility of the persons who have booked the hall or their appointed representative.

9.      Bulletin board in the inner hall west wall for Community interests only. Bulletin board in the inner hall east wall for outside charitable groups or functions only.  No commercial advertising shall be permitted on either board.

10.    No Commercial or Political Activities (e.g. Candidates meeting, Campaign rally) will be permitted.

11.    Use of the hall for Federal, Provincial and Municipal election polling booth stations is approved.

12.    Use of the hall may be reserved for private functions to celebrate significant celebrations of Green Briar residents and only as deemed acceptable by the Officer Team.  Private Functions may not pre-empt any scheduled community event. The Community Centre will be available for reservation only on Saturday or Sunday afternoons between 12:00 noon to 11:00 p.m.

13.    Provincial and Municipal Fire Regulations must be adhered to.
                  Maximum Number of People in Hall – STANDING- 200
                  Maximum Number of People in Hall  - SEATED -     120

The definition of a Guest - a non Green Briar resident accompanied by a Green Briar resident who may participate at the Green Briar Community Centre in any regularly scheduled activity and/or social event for which tickets are sold save and except business meetings of the GBCA.

Events where tickets are sold

  • Advertisements for events must always identify for Green Briar and Briar Hill Residents and their guests only.
  • Tickets will be sold first to Green Briar Residents then to Briar Hill Residents.
  • The sale of tickets must be advertised showing a starting time and an ending time for the sale.
  • Priority consideration will be given to single members of the Green Briar community who wish to attend with a guest when they purchase their own ticket.
  • Any tickets remaining after this allotted time will be made available for guests and only if they accompany their Green Briar/Briar Hill host to the event.

Attendance at events and activities should reflect a majority of Green Briar residents.


The Green Briar Community Centre (GBCC) building is owned by GreenBriar Residential Service Organization (GRSO).

The operation and maintenance of the Centre is funded as follows:

Each Green Briar condominium contributes “x” dollars per unit monthly to fund the GBCC. This is a portion of the unit owner’s monthly condominium fee.

GRSO funds expenses associated with the Green Briar Community Centre building as follows:

  • ​​Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Hot water tank
  • Utilities – heat, gas, hydro, phone, internet
  • Maintenance – Inside & Outside-refinishing of the floors, replacement of paving stones in parking area, Fire Safety Panel, annual electrical & fire safety check, cleaning of eaves troughs, annual maintenance of furnaces, air conditioners & fireplace
  • Cleaning of Centre by a contractor 
  • Snow removal, garden maintenance, window cleaning
  • Coordinator’s honorarium

Prior to any expenditure by a GBCA Director or the Coordinator, approval from GRSO must be obtained.

GBCA Office Account

  • Generated by Private Function fees and funds collected from Events (effective March 2016) 
  • $1.00 (one dollar) charge of each ticket sale and/or of each attendee at a function is collected by the coordinator of the event
  • Funds are forwarded to the GBCA Treasurer
  • Funds are utilized to pay Coordinator's honorarium
  • Funds are utilized to pay consumable items within the Centre 
  • Funds are utilized to pay content and liability insurance
  • Emergency fund must be maintained

GBCA Fund Raising

  • No fund Raising permitted without the direct approval of the GBCA Executive.
  • Funding for the purchase of large cost items for the Centre