Green Briar Community Association (GBCA)

A Not for Profit Organization run by Volunteers


  • To operate a Community Centre for the use of the residents of the Condominium Corporations within the Green Briar Community.

  • To ensure a clean and safe environment for those utilizing the Community Centre.

  • To encourage activities designed to appeal to all residents of the Green Briar Community Centre.


President                 Frank Hughes    
Vice President          
Treasurer                 Catherine Smith
Secretary                 Catherine Smith

Director                   Bonnie Tiffin

​Director                   Mary Larin


Board-GBCA           16 Directors-1 Director appointed by each Condominium to serve on                                  the GBCA Board.



Green Briar Executive

The four executive positions, namely, President, Vice- President, Treasurer and Secretary must be residents of Green Briar and serve for a two (2) year term.  The outgoing executive of the GBCA will be available for consultation by the new or incoming executive members.


  • Paid position
  • Meets, greets, and assists residents and visitors
  • Supports and co-ordinates the affairs of the Centre
  • Manages booking of Centre activities, events, and meetings
  • Supports the GBCA Executive and Directors
  • Maintains, updates, and manages the Green Briar web site
  • Maintains updated documentation and lists of the GBCA & Activity Leaders
  • Ensures the Centre meets cleanliness and safety standard
  • Compiles and distributes communications within Green Briar
  • Arranges for required maintenance and safety of the Centre
  • Prepares monthly calendar and weekly newsletter
  • Supply restocking


  • Presides at all meetings of GBCA
  • Management and supervision of the affairs and operations of the Centre


  • In absence of the President or the inability of the President to act, duties and powers may be exercised by the Vice-President
  • When called to act on behalf of the President, all responsibilities of the President are automatically assumed by the Vice-President


  • Maintains minutes of GBCA
  • Shall be custodian of all the Minute books and filing of them in the office.
  • Maintain an accurate attendance list at all meetings


  • Maintains all financial records of GBCA
  • Obtain financial expenditures of the Centre through GreenBriar Residential Servicing Organization (GRSO)
  • Record all monetary transactions
  • Render an account of the finances at Director’s meetings
  • Prepare budget 30 days plus prior to year end and submit to Executive
  • Upon budget approval, forward to GRSO for consideration


  • Responsible for all maintenance required inside the Community Centre 


  • Responsible for maintaining the exterior property of the Community Centre
  • Capital repairs referred to the GRSO
  • Turning on the sprinkler system to water the gardens around the Centre
  • Replace exterior light bulbs and setting timers